AutoEDMS Version 6.5

Current AutoEDMS 6.5 Release:

6.5 r2sr5c

Update Release Date:

Jan. 20, 2010

Service Release Reference:



For further details on this release, see the following Release Notes:

V6.5 SR5 Release Notes

SR5 Eligibility Requirements

ACS customers who have an active “All-In-One” maintenance agreement are eligible to download and apply the v6.5 SR5 update – a password will be provided to unlock the SR5 Zip file, along with a new license key for the latest AVDE viewer, if applicable.  To determine your eligibility, please send an email to with the subject of “SR5 Update Password”.  An ACS representative will contact you by the next business day.

Special Information for those using
the AutoEDMS “Web Publisher” Interface

If your site is using the AutoEDMS “Web Publisher” interface, please be aware that SR5 does not currently include an update to the “AutoEDMS aVue” client/server viewing system.  The last update to AutoEDMS aVue client/server as published by ACS Software was version 19.1c3, which was provided in Service Release 3 (SR3) for AutoEDMS.  We have specially prepared the SR5 update so it can be applied at any site running AutoEDMS v6.5, and it will not disturb Web Publisher or the AutoEDMS aVue viewing system that you currently have in place.

NOTE:     You can determine which version of AutoEDMS aVue you are using now by viewing a file, then select Help > About from the viewer menus.  You will see the “AutoVue, Client-Server Edition” version number in the first line of text.

If your site is using Web Publisher and AutoEDMS aVue client/server, but you do not have aVue client/server version 19.1c3 and would like to upgrade to this version, please send an email to with a subject of “SR5 Web Publisher”.

SR5 Update Introduction / Overview

To minimize AutoEDMS system downtime at your site, we have designed the SR5 update to be applied in three “phases”. 

The following are Phase 1 and Phase 2 instructions – Phase 3 instructions will be provided as you get near the end of Phase 2* when they pop up in your internet browser for easy printing.   You won’t need to take the AutoEDMS system “offline” until Phase 2.

* NOTE:      If you want to review Phase 3 instructions before you begin the update, here is a link to the document  Phase 3 Instructions for v6.5 SR5

Phase 1 – SR5 Update

1.     Download the SR5 update file with this link:  (119mb)

2.     Please be patient – the zip file is 119mb and could take some time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

3.     Create a new folder named SR5UPDATE under your main AutoEDMS folder (i.e., AEW65).

4.     Extract the contents of the Zip file into the SR5UPDATE folder.

NOTE:        To extract the SR5 Zip file, you’ll need to know the password – please see the section above entitled “SR5 Eligibility Requirements” for more information.

5.     Locate the AEUP4 subfolder under your main AutoEDMS folder (i.e., AEW65), and delete the entire contents of the AEUP4 subfolder.  At this point, no files should exist in the AEUP4 subfolder.

6.     Version/Release Information:  Determine & document your current AutoEDMS version/release information by selecting Help > About AutoEDMS… from the pulldown menus.  The version/release information you need to note is in the first line of text in the white area of the dialog – you will need this information in Phase 3 of the update.  The release number will be used to determine what steps or sub-steps you must perform within the SR5 update.

7.     AutoEDMS aVue Users:  If your AutoEDMS version/release indicates “r2sr2” or later, you might be using the “AutoEDMS aVue” client/server java-based viewing system, also known as “AutoEDMS aVue Web Publisher”.  Please be aware that SR5 does not currently include an updated version of this viewing system.  If you are using this viewing system with AutoEDMS for Windows, we highly recommend you make the switch to the “AutoEDMS aVue Desktop Edition” viewer, also known as AVDE – for more information, please see step 14 in the Phase 3 instructions document. 

8.     If your site is using the AutoEDMS aVue client/server viewing system and you want to continue using it… this SR5 update will not affect your aVue client/server installation.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact ACS Tech Support by sending an email to

Phase 2 – SR5 Update

1.     Advise ALL AutoEDMS users that an update will be performed at the day & time you're planning to perform the SR5 update.  Advise users you will be putting AutoEDMS into “Maintenance Mode”, and they should expect a message appearing on their screen concerning the update and what they should do to assist you at that time (see step 3 below for more info about the message).

NOTE:        We recommend that you have all users restart Windows on their machines when Maintenance Mode is applied... as it says in the messag.  Restarting will guarantee that all AutoEDMS files are released. If all files are not released, you will not be able to apply the complete update.

2.     Launch the “AutoEDMS Administrator” utility from the AE InfoCenter.   In later releases of v6.5, you will find it under “Configuration Tools” > “Maintenance”.  In earlier releases, you will find it under “Setup, Maintenance & Development Tools” > “Maintenance”.

3.     In AE Administrator, go to the Maintenance page and review your “Broadcasting Message”, then change it as needed to advise users of any pertinent details about the update, how long AutoEDMS will unavailable, or who to contact.  Below is a screenshot of an example Broadcasting Message – the value you can edit is contained within the box titled “Message from your system manager”.

4.     Put AutoEDMS into “Maintenance Mode”.  Do this by selecting the “Disable AutoEDMS” or “Maintenance Mode” checkbox on the Maintenance page of AE Administrator, then pick [Apply].

NOTE 1:     By picking [Refresh] on the Maintenance page, you can determine if any users are still running AutoEDMS so they can be contacted.  You need to make sure you get a message from Refresh saying “No user is running AutoEDMS” before you proceed with this update. 

NOTE 2:     You Will have trouble applying this update if all users have not exited from AutoEDMS and restarted Windows on their workstation machines… THIS INCLUDES YOUR OWN WORKSTATION. Picking the [Remove] button will not release AutoEDMS files that have been opened by the workstations machines… so if you are not sure if all users have exited AutoEDMS and restarted Windows, use the “Computer Management” utility on the server machine to determine if any files are still “open” under the AutoEDMS installation folder (i.e., AEW65).

5.     * IMPORTANT - CLOSE the AE InfoCenter at this time.

6.     Copy the following two (2) files from the SR5UPDATE folder into the main AutoEDMS folder (i.e., AEW65), and overwrite the existing files:

a)      AELangStrings.DLL

b)      AEUP4.EXE

NOTE:        If you see an error about a “sharing violation” when trying to copy the AELangStrings.DLL, be sure the AEPasswd program is closed – this program can be closed from a ‘padlock’ icon in the Windows system tray.  Right click on that icon and select Shutdown, then retry step 6.

7.     From your main AutoEDMS folder, run the AutoEDMS Update Utility by double-clicking on the AEUP4.EXE program file.

NOTE:        If you see a message saying “It appears the AutoEDMS Management Password program is active.”, pick the OK button, then locate the ‘padlock’ icon in the System Tray area of your computer, click it, then select “Shutdown” from the popup menu.  Then you must restart the Update Utility to continue this procedure.

8.     Be sure the title bar of the Update Utility displays “v6.5 r2sr5c” as shown in the screenshot below. If you do not see this information at the top of the Update Utility screen, do not proceed … go back to step 6 and make sure you have copied the two files as directed.  If you are sure you have copied the two files correctly, and you are seeing “r2sr5” without the “c”, you need to download a more recent version of the SR5 Zip file – see step 1 in Phase 1 above, then perform all steps up to this point in the procedure. 

9.     From the Update Utility, pick [What to do next…].

10.  Select “Get updates from local directory”, then [Browse] to the SR5UPDATE folder you created under the main AutoEDMS folder, select the Webstate.LST file, pick [Open], then pick [OK] to proceed with the update.

11.  The Update Utility will launch your internet web browser to display the “Phase 3” instructions… PRINT these instructions then close your browser.  If the “Phase 3” instructions are not launched automatically, open them with this link and print them… v6.5 SR5 Phase 3 Instructions

12.  On the “News Flash” screen, pick [Close], then continue with the Phase 3 procedure steps from the document you printed.