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Direct-Support Options



ACS Direct Support offers “direct” technical assistance by an ACS Support Engineer to ACS customers and resellers.  There are three (3) “Direct Support” plans available to meet a variety of needs.

If you are ready to request Direct Support from ACS, please fill out the Support Request Form


Direct “Installation & Setup” Support

ACS offers 30 days of free "Installation & Setup Support", by phone or email, to cover “out-of-the-box” installation and setup questions on the current released version of AutoEDMS. 

Important Note:  Direct “Installation & Setup” Support cannot be used for AutoEDMS customization and development issues, or questions pertaining specifically to the Pervasive.SQL database engine.  In these situations an “Hourly” agreement is required.

To be eligible for Installation & Setup support, you must complete and print the AutoEDMS “Access Code Application” form using the AutoEDMS Authorization program, then fax it to ACS Software.  The free Installation & Setup support period begins the day ACS sends the form back to you with your Access Codes.

To obtain Installation & Setup support, submit a Support Request Form to ACS Technical Support.  The ACS Tech Support department will confirm your eligibility and respond within 24 hours.


Direct “Hourly” Support

The Direct “Hourly” Support plan allows ACS customers and resellers to purchase “blocks of time” in which they receive priority service and/or advanced assistance directly from an ACS Support Engineer (or Application Engineer, depending on the type of request).

Some of the primary reasons why ACS customers choose to purchase Direct “Hourly” Support include:

  • For support issues on non-current versions of AutoEDMS.

  • For brain-storming during initial AutoEDMS system design and development.

  • For assistance with development issues, such as Form, database, or Workflow design questions.

  • For assistance with ACL programming issues, i.e., questions on ACL programs you are writing.

  • For assistance with systems integration issues.

  • As an alternative to in-house AutoEDMS system support or administration.

Purchasing "Hourly" Support

Customers can purchase Direct “Hourly” Support agreements, i.e., “blocks of time”, in various increments depending on their needs or on the recommendation of the ACS Tech Support staff.  Hourly agreements can be purchased by contacting an ACS Sales or Tech Support representative during normal business hours (7:00am to 4:00pm PST) at 310-755-6040.

ACS offers its customers the following Direct “Hourly” Support agreement options :

Agreement Type

Agreement Price

Payable By

5 hr. Block* $995.00 U.S.

Credit Card or P.O.**

10 hr. Block $1,895.00 U.S. Credit Card or P.O.**
20 hr. Block $3,300.00 U.S. Credit Card or P.O.**
30 hr. Block $4,650.00 U.S. Credit Card or P.O.**

* Minimum Purchase:  A 5 hr. Block is the minimum purchase available of Direct "Hourly" Support.

** P.O. Payment Terms:  Payment for support orders placed by "company purchase order" must be received by ACS within seven (7) business days of placing the order. If payment is not received within that time period, ACS reserves the right to withhold support until payment is received.

Hourly agreements are available for a term of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, or until the hourly time is used, whichever occurs first.

ACS Tech Support will notify customers via email prior to the date when their Hourly agreement expires, and discount incentives will be offered for renewal.

Obtaining “Hourly” Support

To obtain Direct “Hourly” Support, submit a Support Request Form to ACS Technical Support, and be sure to indicate that you have purchased Hourly support. The ACS Tech Support department will confirm your purchase and respond (by phone or email) within 24 hours.


ACS Tech Support Engineers (or Applications Engineers) will utilize phone, email, or “web assistance” (remote real-time access to your AutoEDMS system via the Internet) in the process of providing Hourly support assistance.


Time expended by an ACS Support or Applications Engineer in the course of resolving your issue or request will be deducted from your Hourly agreement balance in 15-minute increments. 





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