AutoEDMS v6.5 r2sr5 Release Notes

Released: Dec. 14, 2009 … Last Rev: Jan. 6, 2010

Service Release 5 for AutoEDMS v6.5 includes some important feature enhancements and also includes a multitude of improvements and fixes that were delivered with Service Release 4 earlier this year and Service Release 3 in 2007.

We have done our best in this Release Notes document to list as many of the updated features in SR5, SR4 and SR3 as possible.  If you have a question about an issue or problem you noticed and/or reported, and you want to know if it has been addressed in SR5, please send an email to ACS Tech Support with your inquiry.  We will be happy to answer your questions and concerns. 

NOTE:     Items which indicate SR5 below are provided in Service Release 5, those labeled SR4 came with Service Release 4, and all other items were provided with Service Release 3.

Link to SR5 Instructions & Download:  v6.5 SR5

What’s New…


·         AutoEDMS now offers the aVue viewing system in both Desktop and Client-Server Editions.  The features and format support are virtually identical for both platforms.  Both provide you with a single uniform interface, and one comprehensive set of tools with which you can natively view and print your various electronic documents. AutoEDMS aVue is state-of-the-art viewing technology that supports all the latest file formats, including AutoCAD 2007 DWG and DWF, MicroStation v8, Acrobat PDF, and Word/Excel 2003.  (list of supported formats)

aVue Desktop Edition (AVDE) is the best choice if you’re running AutoEDMS over a LAN, or through a terminal server system like Citrix. AVDE is setup as a shared Windows application and its licenses “float”, just like AutoEDMS.  Client-Server aVue is better suited to AutoEDMS Web Publisher for browser-based viewing over the web. 

SR5The aVue Desktop Edition viewer (AVDE) has been upgraded to version 19.3sp4, to support viewing & printing the latest file formats, including AutoCAD 2010, Microstation 8i and Office 2007 (Word, Excel, etc.). 

·         AutoEDMS also now offers a new Redline Module, based on the aVue Desktop Edition viewer. The AutoEDMS RM provides non-destructive mark-up and redlining of all its supported file formats. It provides a great method for highlighting suggested changes during a drawing
review process.

·         SR4 … A new “HD AutoImage” option has been added to the aVue Desktop Edition setup program (SetupAVDE.exe).  The new “high definition” autoimages will be created for TIF files by default, and can be created for any file type as determined by the system administrator via SetupAVDE. High definition autoimage files are a bit larger than standard autoimage files, but the image they display on an AutoImage field of the form are more detailed and well defined to aid in document identification for the user.

·         SR4 … When the View > Update AutoImage option is selected, a message will be displayed if the autoimage creation method for a particular managed file type has been set to “Do not create”.  This message will aid in troubleshooting if autoimages are not being displayed on the AutoEDMS Form.

·         The maximum number of Form display (DDF) fields has been increased to 305 from the previous maximum of 100.  And the maximum number of database record (RDF) fields has been increased to 145.

·         SR4 … We have added the ability to run the FastFind search function from a Toolbar button.  This can be set from within the AutoEDMS Toolbar Maker utility.

·         AutoEDMS and Qwikform now allow fields to be configured as READ-ONLY without requiring the use of an additional SET field.  The new Read-Only field option is much easier to use and allows for Forms to be designed more quickly.  

·         Memo type fields now have vertical and horizontal scroll bars.

·         AutoEDMS now provides enhanced support for Workstation Security Controls. The AutoEDMS.INI file and other key settings and information are now stored in areas on the workstation that are not normally ‘locked down’ when workstations are secured by IT controls.

·         All configuration utilities can now be found in the AE InfoCenter under the "Configuration Tools" branch – renamed from "Setup, Maintenance & Development Tools".

·         The "Disable AutoEDMS" checkbox in AE Administrator was renamed to "Maintenance Mode".

·         Full support has been added to AE Administrator for Pervasive.SQL Workgroup Engine in AutoEDMS installations of 5 users or less.

·         SR4 … AutoEDMS Administrator now includes a “Startup ACL” option on the Paths tab whereby you can define an ACL program filename that will be run as the last item in the command line each time AutoEDMS starts.  One potential use is to run an ACL that opens a particular Form.

·         The Authorization utility now includes a Help button linking to online documentation.


Workflow Engine

·         The Workflow Engine program was re-written to remove redundant or inefficient operations and thereby provide a major speed improvement, particularly for AutoEDMS systems running in a LAN environment.

·         New “Direct Email Method” option for workflow notification (in AE Administrator) does not utilize the Outlook or Outlook Express client, thereby eliminating security warnings when the Workflow Engine automatically sends workflow notice emails.

·         Workflow Designer (VwDesign.Exe) updates:

a)     SR5 A new “Files Are Missing” dialog is displayed when a user tries to finish a route when there is no file attached to the working copy database record.  This new dialog includes a link to Help documentation explaining the situation.

b)    SR5 Options added to Finish step processing for handling database records that don’t have related files, e.g., the option to allow data in a working copy record to overwrite the original record if desired.  These options are available to those using the Advanced Visual Workflow Designer

c)     A new field has been added to the Start Step properties of workflow route templates. This field allows the assignment of a route template to a particular AutoEDMS Form if desired.

d)    SR4 … Workstation names can now be used to form the “working copy folder” name in workflow designs when the option to create project names automatically is selected.

e)     In advanced mode, the Finish Step->General tab now shows a choice to preserve the original filename.  The default is checked, and unchecking the box allows for routes that change the filename. * Requires the optional “Advanced Workflow Designer” toolkit.

f)     In advanced mode, the Receive properties tab allows you to specify an ACL to be used when the user presses the receive button in the Workflow InBasket. * Requires the optional “Advanced Workflow Designer” toolkit.


New ACL Commands & Updates

·         TDA – New AutoEDMS “Technical Data Access” commands enable the ACL programmer to retrieve information from AutoCAD Attributes or MicroStation Tags.  SR5 TDA was updated to use the “Open Drawing Alliance” technology to support the AutoCAD 2010 drawing format.

·         USERS – New commands enable the ACL programmer to retrieve information from the User Registration Database.  Also, one can provide a list box for single/multi-pick users based on security tokens and are compared to their WRITE, READ, EXECUTE, or DELETE token list.

·         ROUTER – New and newly documented router commands give the ACL programmer more flexibility over workflow route control.

·         ACL ROUTER command syntax changes...





·         COLLECTION – New commands enable the ACL programmer control over search collection sets and their display properties.  SR5 COLLECTION SHOW_FLOATING command now available to display search results in the “floating query” window, even if the user has not selected this display method in their preferences.

·         RECORD FIND command now has a new switch [CAN_CANCEL].

·         FORMEX – New commands enable the ACL programmer to open up to 5 AutoEDMS Database Forms in a single ACL instance.

·         PROJECTEX – New commands enable the ACL programmer to access or modify Project information from Forms opened via the FORMEX commands.

·         GETDATEDIALOG – New command enables the ACL programmer to provide a standard Date Dialog for users to select date information.

·         RECORDEX – New commands enable the ACL programmer to search, retrieve, or modify database information from Forms opened via the FORMEX commands.

·         FORM USE_EDIT on memo fields that are on records in read-only mode will now pop up a 'read-only' style dialog box that will allow the users to scroll.

·         FORM USE_EDIT now allows a user without 'Write' access to a record the ability to use the page tabs.

·         COLLECTION SET_FIELDS modified so that if an invalid field title is given, the data displayed to the user will read <NO DATA> instead of what the previous column contained. 

·         SMAPI SEND command has been modified to recognize the new switch _SHOW_DIALOG.


What’s Improved…


·         AE Navigator updates:

a)     The Navigator “InBasket” branch has been enhanced to show all records in route to the current user instead of only the first 20 records.

b)    SR4 … Navigator has been updated to provide support for displaying data that contains double-quote marks.

c)     SR4 … An error message will now be displayed if the AE Navigator button is selected after changes (edits) have been made to the current database record.

·         SR5 AE Reports has been enhanced to more completely and correctly fill a printed page with data when a report requires multiple pages.

·         It is no longer possible to run more than one instance of AutoEDMS at a time on a workstation.

·         AE Administrator should now allow license removal on the Maintenance tab, even if the user is not on the same station as the record being removed.

·         Memo fields can no longer be edited when a database record is routed to someone else.

·         SR4 … The Date field format has been updated to support older dates, such as from 1968.  In earlier releases, 1968 was converted to 2068, so this has been resolved.

·         AutoEDMS Logon (AeLogon.Exe) now performs extra retries to log back in if a database error is encountered trying to access the License database.

·         Fixed a problem where floating search results would sometimes cause AutoEDMS to crash.  This fix may also add a slight performance boost as a redundant filling of the list box is eliminated.

·         Database Transfer updates:

a)     SR4 … Enhancements made to dramatically improve ability to import other databases via Microsoft Excel.

b)    SR4 … Excel files with multiple sheets (tabs) are now supported.

c)     SR4 … Selecting the ‘Back’ button has been fixed so that it saves the field mapping information that has previously been selected.

·         Process of switching database engines (in AE Administrator) has been improved with the addition of support for Pervasive.SQL Workgroup Engine.

·         Updated print security in User Registration to provide control for new viewers – aVue Desktop Edition (AVDE) and aVue Web Publisher (AVWP).

·         SR4 … Viewer Manager will now display an error if configuration changes cannot be saved to the viewer information (VIN) file.

·         Station Setup – Fixed problem where _SysRoot: path appears garbled on the last page of the wizard.

·         Migration Utility has been updated to support v6.5 SR3.

·         SR4 … In the AutoEDMS Web Publisher Administrator, the Help button now properly launches the correct online help document.

·         The Ctrl-S key combination no longer has a negative effect on the AutoEDMS Form files, but it also does not save record edits.

·         AutoEDMS will no longer display the 'File Locked! AI request cannot be completed' dialog when browsing from record to record.  However, if someone uses the View->Update AutoImage function from the menu, the dialog should pop up if the file is opened in another application.

·         SR4 … Creating of an autoimage log file has been removed to improve performance of the autoimage function.

·         SR4 … AutoImages can now be created for managed files with a storage path longer than 127 characters.

·         ‘Floating query’ search collection display should now remember the column widths.

·         At startup, AutoEDMS logon (AeLogon.Exe) now checks to see if AutoEDMS has been put in “Maintenance Mode”.  If it has, the user is shown the maintenance message for 10 seconds and then AeLogon.Exe exits. 

·         Qwikform updates:

a)     Fixed problem where if the 'project' fields name was changed in the database design (RDF), Qwikform would crash if the user failed to change the name in the DDF and/or the MasterKey definition when trying to save the Form.  The user is now warned of these conditions and instructed to make the necessary changes. The save gets canceled.

b)    Now preserves the secondary and tertiary navigation keys when fields are moved in the RDF definition table.

c)     No longer allows Save As to filenames longer than 8 characters.

d)    Now preserves the 'storage' field correctly for INI settings when database (RDF) fields are moved.  Also support was added for the Project Xref field, the RteDescription field, RteUser field, RteStep field, RteType field, filename field, file extension field, file size field and file date field.

e)     MasterKey maker will now warn if MasterKey length exceeds 127 characters.

f)     SR4 … We have added a “word wrap” feature for long character fields (up to 254 characters) so you can see all the data in a field, even if it is longer than the length of the field as displayed on the Form.  Scrollbars are now provided, and in some cases, it will be necessary for sites to make their fields at least two rows tall in order to see the data contained in the field.

g)    SR4 … Editing of Date fields has been improved to no longer confuse them with Edit (character) fields.

h)     SR4 … The FastFind script is now added to a new Form by default.  QwikForm then allows the FASTFIND item from the Search pull-down to be used with the first indexed field by default, although this can be changed from within QwikForm.

i)      SR4 … QwikForm now supports saving of long Form (DDF) filenames.

·         Gather (AEGather.Exe) - Fixed a problem where if the operating system came back with an invalid date for a gathered file, it would cause a crash.

·         AutoEDMS Logon (AeLogon.exe) will now delete license records automatically if a duplicate StationID and Module combo are encountered for different usernames.  This ONLY occurs when it detects the current user is using Citrix.

·         SR4 … The use of environment variables for resolving the project path has been fixed in SR4.  This fix was provided for some customers and resellers using environment variables in their ACL programs.

·         Memo fields will stop accepting characters after 2047 characters + carriage returns/linefeeds have been entered.

·         SR4 … The Date field format has been updated to support older dates, such as from 1968.  In earlier releases, 1968 was converted to 2068, so this has been resolved.

·         All AutoEDMS administrative utilities now support the Administrator password.

·         The ‘Drag-n-Drop file’ ACL will now have its values reset each time a new Form is opened.

·         Batch creation of AutoImages has been updated to support new AVDE and AVWP viewing systems.

·         AutoEDMS Attaché updates:

a)     SR4 … The Fldchng2.LIB was updated to support Project field values, i.e., _PRJ_ variables.  This is an important feature for use by the Database Transfer utility.

b)    SR4 … The Email.ACL has been updated to use different SMAPI commands so that it can now support Lotus Notes in addition to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

c)     SR4 … The Global Drag-n-Drop attaché, GDD.ACL, has been updated to provide better support for filenames that include a space.

Workflow Engine

·         SR4 … Processing time has been dramatically improved for workflow routes with several steps and multiple documents.

·         SR4 … The Workflow Engine will now more accurately populate fields that use the RTE_TYPE formula.

·         SR4 … Workflow comment files are now created in the working copy folders to allow for tighter directory security on the original document folders and to aid in accuracy of information as processed in the workflow route.

·         SR4 … Workflow engine now does a better job of determining file size format, bytes or kilobytes, and updating the value accurately at the end of the workflow route.

·         Workflow In-Basket was enhanced to enable users to display any database field and sort records via clicking on the field headings.

·         Workflow Route Manager updates:

a)     A warning message has been added when WfrMgr.Exe first starts telling users they are responsible for any damage to their workflows, data and documents if they make changes using this utility.

b)    String Substitution feature now has an option for case sensitivity, and it also displays progress in the status bar of the main window.

c)     SR4 … Record indexing has been improved to allow accurate record editing.

·         User workflow comments will now be saved to all comment files when multiple documents are sent at the same time.  The comments will only be asked for once.

·         Fixed problem where if a specific Project was selected to be used, but the route allows the user to specify the output directory, the Project’s path would override the user specified path. Now the user’s choice of output directory is used.

·         Workflow Engine now properly sends files to the proper directories when doing a batch route that creates unique projects.

·         ForceUniqueSlipNames is now defaulted to ON when sending route slips.

·         When running ACL programs from within workflow routes, the Start-step->Forward ACL and the Step-to-step->Forward/Backward ACL will now automatically have the following variables set: _WF_TARGET_USER and _WF_TARGET_STEP.

·         SR4 … Scrollbars have been added to the Workflow > Tracker function in AutoEDMS to support very large workflow processes.  The scrollbars will be displayed if one or more of the workflow steps are outside of the Tracker window.



- - -  End of AutoEDMS v6.5 SR5 Release Notes  - - -