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Frequently Asked Questions



Below is a list of "Frequently Asked Questions", but it by no means represents all possible questions and answers about AutoEDMS. In addition to these FAQs, there is a wealth of web-based information about AutoEDMS in the ACS Article base, where you can search for key words and phrases, or see a listing of all available Tech Support Articles. These articles have been written specifically to help resolve known issues or problems.

Another great source of web-based support information are the ACS Software Forums, where you can review questions and answers posted by other AutoEDMS users and resellers, as well as post your own questions. If you don't find an answer to your question here or in our other Self-Support Resources, please visit ACS Direct Support Options to learn how you can receive direct assistance from ACS Tech Support representatives. 


How many documents can AutoEDMS handle — is there a limit?

There is no effective limit to the number of documents AutoEDMS can manage. One of our client’s has over one million records, without any noticeable degradation in performance.

Can AutoEDMS manage (fill in the blank) files?

AutoEDMS will manage any kind of file, electronic or in filing cabinets. It’s only limitation is in the types of electronic files it can view and print without using the native applications (over 200 file formats can be viewed and printed directly from AutoEDMS).

Does AutoEDMS rename the files and/or directories it manages?

AutoEDMS manages files by their standard directories and filenames. Files do NOT have to be renamed or moved. Optionally, you can also configure AutoEDMS to automatically assign filenames to all new files, based upon your filenaming standards.

Is AutoEDMS Year 2000 Compatible?

Version 6.0 of AutoEDMS is fully Y2K compliant and supports four digit years. It also will interpret two digit years according to the following algorithm:

Year 70-99 = 19__
Year 00-69 = 20__

Of course, if the year is represented with four digits, then the year is interpreted according to its actual value.

Does AutoEDMS view AutoCAD R. 14.01 drawings?

Yes. AutoEDMS Version 6.0 (p206-2) does not support the ACIS solids, but it does support the viewing of the wire frame models. Integrated AutoCAD/ACIS support is in the works.

Does AutoEDMS increment the revision number every time a file is revised?

Not necessarily. Through AutoEDMS’ built-in Workflow Engine, you can determine how file revisions are handled. You can define multiple revision procedures to handle revision control according to your company standards.

Can AutoEDMS work with my Access database?

AutoEDMS has its own central database (Btrieve), so it will not run on top of Access, but you can use Access to communicate with AutoEDMS via ODBC. The ODBC driver is not included with AutoEDMS, but can be purchased separately from Pervasive Software, the developer of Btrieve.

Does AutoEDMS include its own database engine software, or do we need to purchase it?

The AutoEDMS v6.5 CD-Rom includes the Btrieve "workstation engine" software that provides database engine services for one (1) standalone workstation, or it can be used in a small network environment for evaluating AutoEDMS. For production AutoEDMS systems with more than one (1) license, you need to purchase the Pervasive.SQL (Btrieve) Workgroup Engine or Server Engine software... the Workgroup Engine will serve up to five (5) workstations running AutoEDMS, and the Server Engine licenses start at six (6) users. For more information about the Pervasive.SQL software, please contact your Authorized ACS Reseller or ACS Software, Inc.

Is AutoEDMS Web compatible?

ACS has developed a web interface for Version 6.0 of AutoEDMS that provides "document publishing" via the Web. Using a standard web browser, you can "sign-in" with AutoEDMS security, search the database on pre-determined fields, and then view the list of results — file names will be highlighted. If your browser plug-ins support that file format, then you will be able to view the document. You can also do a "Save As" to get a copy of the document. Because this AutoEDMS web interface is for document publishing, it does not provide any of the check-in/check-out or workflow controls of the standard LAN/WAN-based AutoEDMS. Please contact ACS for more information about AutoEDMS’ web support.

How much hard drive space is needed on my server?

AutoEDMS takes only 110MB of hard drive space.  Before installation, AutoEDMS checks to make sure you have ample room for customization and additional data storage.





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