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To request direct assistance from ACS Technical Support, please complete the form below.  This information will allow us to help you resolve the issue or answer your question in the most efficient manner possible. 

When you pick [Submit Form], your information will be automatically emailed to ACS Software Technical Support.

For more information about receiving support directly from ACS, and on how to purchase a Direct Support contract, go to ACS Direct Support Options on this Website.

Have you searched the Tech Support Articles?

There is a vast amount of information contained within the Tech Support Articles, which are based upon the experiences of AutoEDMS users, ACS Authorized Resellers, and ACS Software personnel.  It is very possible your problem is similar to one that has already been resolved and documented within an Article, which could provide quick resolution for your problem.  To search, go to

Have you looked through the online ACS Software Forums?

The ACS Software Forums are open forums on the Internet where AutoEDMS users and resellers discuss issues related to AutoEDMS operations, configuration, Form design, API (ACL) programming, and many other topics.  We recommend that you look through the topics in the ACS Software Forums for potential answers to your AutoEDMS question or issue before you submit a request for assistance.

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You can use Help->About AutoEDMS to determine the version and release information. 

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