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The Mission of ACS Tech Support:  To make it as straightforward as possible for our customers, resellers, and associates to get their ACS product questions answered and problems resolved in the shortest possible time, thereby allowing them to receive the greatest possible productivity and return on investment from our document management and workflow products.

To accomplish that mission, ACS offers a wide range of support options to users of AutoEDMS and other products by ACS Software, Inc.

A brief description of each type of support can be found below, with a link to more detailed information.

If you have purchased an ACS Direct Support option and would like to submit a request, please fill out the Support Request Form


Self-Support Resources

There are several free “self-support” resources available to ACS customers, many of which are shipped right on the AutoEDMS product CD.  Others are located on our ACS Tech Support Website, and fully accessible 24 x 7 x 365 without a requirement for passwords or support agreements.

Here’s a brief list of our free “self-support” resources and option

  • Online Documentation

  • Website Support  (including File Updates)

  • ACS All-In-One Plan

For more details on these options, click here


Reseller Support

ACS products are distributed worldwide via value-added Authorized Resellers.  Levels of support vary from reseller to reseller, ranging from installation and configuration to advanced system implementation, customization, and training. 

For the names of Authorized Resellers in your area, call ACS Software, Inc. at 310-755-6040.


ACS Direct Support Options

Direct support by ACS Support Engineers is available to users & resellers of ACS products.

If you have purchased & implemented AutoEDMS in the last 30 days, you may qualify for Direct “Installation & Setup” Support, which provides you with free technical assistance on out-of-the box installation and setup questions. 

After you’re “up and running”, direct technical assistance from an ACS Support Engineer is available via the purchase of a qualifying ACS Direct Support option… both “Incident” and “Hourly” options are available.  

You can also use ACS Direct “Hourly” Support contracts to receive assistance with AutoEDMS customization and development issues, including API (ACL) programming.

For more details on the ACS Direct Support options, click here



In-depth System Administrator Training, as well as Developer Training, is offered on a regular basis in different regions of North America. 

For more information on course content and schedules, click here to visit the “Training” section of the ACS Software Website on the Internet at, or you can call ACS Software Sales at 310-755-6040.






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