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Updating AutoEDMS



By way of the AutoEDMS Update Utility (included with AutoEDMS), you can easily obtain and apply the latest enhancements, new Attachés, new ACL program libraries, new AutoEDMS utilities, updates to the online manuals, etc.

General Update Information

Checking Your Version of AutoEDMS

Select your AutoEDMS Version for Update Information:

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General Update Information

There are two types of AutoEDMS Updates available: 

  • Online Update – The "online" update is the easiest to perform, and is done completely with the AutoEDMS Update Utility, which connects to the ACS Website and downloads all files needed to bring your copy of AutoEDMS to the latest revision level.  It then 'applies' the update by copying the files to the appropriate AutoEDMS folder.
  • Manual Update – The “manual” update is performed by manually downloading a self-extracting file from the ACS Technical Support Website and then using the Update Utility to apply the updated files to the appropriate AutoEDMS folder.  This type of update is most useful in situations where firewalls and/or proxy servers at customer sites prevent you from performing an “Online” update.

For complete details on how to use the Update Utility (in various situations), refer to the online AutoEDMS Setup & Administration Manual, which you will find in the AE InfoCenter under “Documentation”.



Checking Your Version of AutoEDMS

To check the version of AutoEDMS you are currently using, start AutoEDMS and from the main program box select Help | About... if your version doesn't match the "Current AutoEDMS Release" shown for your version on this web page, you should run the AutoEDMS Update Utility.

Starting with AutoEDMS Version 6.5, you can use the System Check utility to determine the “Service Release” number of your system and compare it to the information we display here on this web page. You will find the System Check utility in the AE InfoCenter by opening the “Setup, Maintenance & Development Tools” book, and then opening the “Maintenance” book.

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